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Books For Sale

Prison cookbook and survival guide.

Convicted Creations Cookbook and Survival Guide

Read our collection of recipes from prison and how they were made 

Order your Cookbook

Have you read #OneLife yet?

Read the book “One Life”

#OneLife autobiography

Have you read the book One Life? Arizonas Best podcasts and documentary tells the story. learn more at.

Documentary #HatersmakeMeFamous Now Available at Amazon on Preorder!

HatersMakeMeFamous documentary

The #HATERSMAKEMEFAMOUS trailer is here!!!

In a matter of a year the book, the documentary and now the podcast have all launched. Thanks to GCM Media and Nandar Pictures we have signed a 5 yr distribution deal.


Hempful-Farms-1 Shoes ready for order!

Hand made Italian leather by alive shoes, the hemp chef and Convicted Creations

Hand Made Italian Shoes By The Hemp Chef/Convicted Creations

Hand crafted in Italy, shipped to your door free. Created by Chris Martin owner of The Hemp chef and Convicted Creations brings you a great variety of hand made leather shoes. Soon to be hemp!

Hempful-Farms-1 Order Today


First ever OGZonka/TheHempChef colab! Hand crafted Italian leather and shipped for free to you!

OG-Zonka-1 Shoes

Our first ever hand made Shoes by Alive shoes! Delivered for free to your door! 

Buy OG-Zonka-1 today!

“Thugz” Ugz style boots

“Thugz” Ugz style boots

“Thugz” Ugz style boots by Convicted Creations these shoes are still in preorder mode.

Hand made Ugz style boots 

Preorder “Thugz” Today

The Hemp Chef/Convicted Creation Slip on!

Convicted Creation Slip on

Prison style slip on made out of leather and handmade

Blast from the past! Jailhouse slip on made out of leather! These shoes are still in preorder mode! Must sell seven pairs to go to production 

Convicted Creation Slip On

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