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Sponsorship Opportunities

Silver Month to Month Sponsorship

Live Brand mention on podcast, thank you mention during  show  no monthly min. 3 mo on demand archive $100/mo let These sponsorships drive you via a commercial on our show 

Gold Level Sponsorship

2:30 second commercial that you create/ show, 3 month on demand archive, 10 second billboard at beg/ end of segment , logo on podcast site $250/mo (2 mo min) sponsorships advertising 

Platinum Level Sponsorship

podcast: 10 sec billboard at beg/end of segment, 2: 30 sec commercial during show, ”thank you“ mention during show, banner hyperlinked to your biz, profile on #hatersmakemefamous site, $500/month sponsorships 

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Copper level-Single Mention Sponsors

$30.00 per single mention (commercial)per live podcast or sponsorships