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Haters Make Me Famous is also known as the “Haters Podcast” where everything is discussed from life to pot, to doing life for pot and all of the corruption in between.

From the author of the book “One Life” comes this open platform to discuss the things people only think of saying. Follow Chris Martin’s journey from being a kid in the system to then an adult in the system.

This Podcast tackles hard topics about both systems as well as the judicial system while outlining a love story. It is a story of resolve and dedication to not fail..... or be failed.

Chris Martin now comes to you on his own podcast “Haters Make Me Famous” on Star Worldwide Networks, multiple distribution platforms and on all mobile devices. Listen now at

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(Your Brand) presents HatersMakeMeFamous”- $3k/mo 6month min. 

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Chris Martin is now an experienced media pro. He will seamlessly integrate a sponsorship mention and message in each show- $1k/mon 3 month minimum. 

Recorded Commercial


• One : 60 second per shoe $1000/mo

• Two : 60’s per show $1250/mo

• 3 month minimum 

 Note: Pro Network Talent records you’re commercial

Personal Interview


Integrated in his content. Chris Martin will interview a sponsor about a selected product or event. In turn, the sponsor can repurpose the interview in an manner of choice. - $1k per 15 min interview minimum. 

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Haters Make Me Famous

Aggregated rough listenership including a Star World Wide Networks, all mobile devices and multi- distribution platforms is approaching 15,000 targeted per month , equal gender, 85% in Arizona, wide age demo of 18-65 (and growing after only 3 months) 

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Star world wide networks

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