“Haters” Club Bios

Andrea Martin, co-founder

Chris Martin- Founder, CEO, Author

Chris Martin- Founder, CEO, Author

COO and Founder of Hempful Farms. Andrea Martin standing in one of their four retail stores

Think for a second, youre a mom and wife. You and your family have been together 15 years. Then one day after deciding to make edibles with her husband for patients, they were raided. Charged with 15 felonies and facing life over cannabis. 

Listen as she navigates her way through her journey to keep the family together and survive this ordeal without her husband at home. 

From running the business to running the family, Andi didn’t skip a beat, actually holding it down well enough for her husband to come home and relaunch all his brands. 


Chris Martin- Founder, CEO, Author

Chris Martin- Founder, CEO, Author

Chris Martin- Founder, CEO, Author


Professional Chef, former Semi-Pro Baseball Player, and Crohn's Disease survivor-Chris Martin doesn't just infuse for a living-he infuses for his quality of life. Martin- Founder and CEO of Hempful Farms- is a happily married family man- and father of 5 kids- who has devoted his life to helping end Cannabis Prohibition and making it his personal mission to prove to the world how hemp can heal.  

The Hemp Chef- Chris Martin has opened 10 restaurants - four of which he Co-Owned. In 2009 he founded the infamous “Zonka Bars”- but the line ran afoul as a result of ambiguous Arizona Medical Marijuana laws- which prompted him to shift his focus from product -only to a sit down cafe with hemp a cbd infused menu. Chris’s masterful cooking skills and Crohn's Disease diagnosis led him to open up Hempful Farms Cafe in 2014- with a dream of showing the world the healing power of cannabinoid-infused food and drinks.  Unfortunately-Chef Martin’s was a forced  “Guest of the State” had  to temporarily close down the cafe and production facility. Thankfully- Chris did his time, and In January 2018- they  reopened the Hempful Farms/ Paw Puddy Store at 1756 W Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ and launched their second store in at 169 Cohasset Rd, in Chico, California!

Chris Martin is a freight train in motion- always moving forward!  In latest news-he partnered with GCM Media to Direct and Produce a documentary about his experiences called “One Life: The Chris Martin Story”, and has 3 books which are scheduled for release in December of 2018.  In addition to the documentary- Chris has also launched the new web series “Convicted Creations”- with each episode is filmed with Chef Martin and a special guest -devoted to creating tasty meals made with commissary which can be purchased in prison- exclusively available only to inmates.

In his free time (which is minimal)- you can catch him riding his Harley, rooting for the Royals & Chiefs, or hitting the lake with his family. 

Interview with Sonia Gomez: https://theemeraldcircle.com/pushing-the-boundaries-and-persevering-despite-the-curve-balls-with-chris-martin/






Ryan Pettigrew

Chris Martin- Founder, CEO, Author

Ryan Pettigrew

Ryan Pettigrew

Director of Operations for Global Hemp Organization


From the suburbs and a good family but got arrested for selling on ounce of weed in my high school calculus class in 1997 that sent me to prison. Ended up getting another 10 years for refusing to snitch on my little brother. 

Did 8 years in solitary confinement and was released straight from solitary in 2012. Testified at a senate hearing to ban solitary confinement for the mentally ill while on parole and they tried to frame me in return. Became the fave of the national movement to ban solitary confinement and was in an ACLU video and on the Huffington Post Live twice. 

Bought my farm in 2015 and built it into a cannabis facility for my medical coop where I give free treatment to cancer and autoimmune disorder patients. Published a book of poetry and now selling my farm. 

Next up is my cap raise for the hemp project and then for a mmj product that treats autoimmune disorders. I’m the director of operations for the Global Hemp Organization and moving to Oklahoma to help them build their cannabis infrastructure.



Middle class home, complete with all the opportunities imaginable but mental illness pushed him into a life that would destroy most people. Misunderstood, due to a lack of information about Bipolar Disorder, he was considered a problem child; thrown out on the street to fend for himself. Taking matters into his own hands, he became a large drug dealer and was eventually sent to prison where he rose in ranks to the upper echelons of prison society.

He was placed in solitary confinement for eight years where he learned that everything he had lived for was only a façade; crushed, his world turned upside down. Refusing to be a martyr for something that didn’t exist, he looked deep within for the answers to life and happiness; now teaching his findings to others as his way to make up for the past.

Poetry became his way to release pent up emotion in a healthy manner after being tortured by prison authorities and overcoming impossible odds in his rise from solitary confinement.

 Description of Ryan's Book "A Madman's Poetic Path" on Amazon.com

PictureRyan Pettigrew's Book on Amazon              After 8 years in solitary confinement, I now teach inner peace/happiness through online classes at---


which also allows for personal training. I self-published A Madman's Poetic Path, do real estate investing, own a clothing line called Canario, Inc. that sponsors UFC fighter Brandon Thatch, breed some of the world's best presa canarios and market for my friend's travel agency.

Kennel:      http://www.canarianbullkennel.com/

Clothing Line:      http://rar-online.myshopify.com/

Book:     http://www.amazon.com/Madmans-Poetic-Path-Ryan-Pettigrew-ebook/dp/B00F0YN9OK

Travel Agency:      http://epackagedeals.com/

Blog:      http://amadmanspathtoreason.com/
PictureRyan Pettigrew -- The Madman on a Mindfulness Path and Teaching Others 



Meditation/Inner Peace Training

 During my 8 years in solitary confinement, I started to meditate in order to decrease the anxiety that was causing panic attacks and stomach issues. Americans tend to think of meditation as prayer or deep thinking when it’s actually the complete absence of thinking.

                Meditation takes away built up stress which increases health and the ability to think clearly. It increases energy and inner peace. I also use it as part of my Bipolar Disorder management. This is a tool that’ll help in every aspect of your life and can be learned fairly quickly. I can do in person training or over Skype, depending on your location.

               Meditation is only the beginning step to finding inner peace and that training can extend to personal training in the mentality required for inner peace.


Ryan was asked to talk about his time in solitary confinement for a video the ACLU was doing for Sam Mandez.  Here's the link to the video.


This page will focus on Ryan's journey and his message  of mindfulness and peace.  The opinions expressed here are Ryan's and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Orchid.  

Jason Lauve

Jesse Dowling

Ryan Pettigrew

Jason Lauve

American Hemp Association 

JASON LAUVE The renegade with an outlaw mentality

(720) 840-8627, JasonLauve@gmail.com

Jason Lauve is considered the innovator and leading light in Industrial Hemp development in the United States of America and in 2012 drafted the first successful hemp legislation in Colorado. Since then, Mr. Lauve has been instrumental in the momentum of North Carolina's law and encouraged the cascade of bills across the country, not that they are all good ones. We still have a lot of work to do.

As the founder of Hemp Cleans LLC., he demonstrated that the plant has remediation properties for soil, water, and air and has since initiated the decorticator currently in N. Carolina, in addition to projects in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Mexico, South Korea, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and other places around the world.

Using architecture, urban planning, environmental design, and computer skills, Jason has positively influenced how people thrive and live day to day on a local and international scale. He has worked on high profile scientific projects such as cellulosic ethanol visualization for National Research Energy Labs, designed additions, private residences, commercial buildings, and helped develop guidelines for future communities,

His farming experience started in 1977 in upstate NY, milking cows, dying wool, sapping trees for maple syrup and cooperating with nature. This has been the foundation of everything Mr. Lauve has accomplished. In addition, his tool set of skills includes 20 years of scientific animation experience, speaking, teaching, and production.

Today, he travels the world speaking to farmers and communities about Cannabis for health and industrial uses and is currently in Guatemala.


Lauve.com Cannabis consulting for medicinal Cannabis patients needing assistance, policy for Industrial

hemp, hemp construction, production, processing, and development. 2009-Present

HempCleans.com Founder and Executive Director of a grassroots non-profit striving for regulation and cultivation of industrial hemp. 2012-Present

GlobalHempOrganization.com Director of Education PRESENTATIONS

2018 CCI Western District Meeting Presentation on Hemp for Post-Wildfire Remediation. 8/24

2018 Southern Tier Hemp Summit The event featured hemp industry leaders from across the country to help educate, network, and plan the future of hemp in New York. 6/29

2017 AGNC economic development summit Jason Lauve, also known as “Mister Hemp,” speaks about hemp and its present and future economic value to industry at the Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado Economic Summit in Craig on Friday. 9/18

2017 Puerto Rico Llevan El “Rally 420” Hasta El Capitolio 4/20

2015 CannaCosta-Costa RicaPresentation on Hemp and Cannabis in Costa Rica. 6/15

Recent Hemp Projects:

1. Hemp Remediation Proposal for Henderson Brownfield (private farmer)

2. Pueblo Hemp Farm

3. Sterling hemp farm

4. Colorado industrial hemp pilot program

North Carolina Industrial Hemp Bill 2014

JASON LAUVE The renegade with an outlaw mentality

(720) 840-8627, JasonLauve@gmail.com

Contributor to the bill: Concerning the establishment of industrial hemp regulations.

Colorado Senate Bill 13-241 Industrial Hemp Regulations Dept of Agriculture 2013

Co-creator of the bill: Concerning the establishment of industrial hemp regulations.

Jason Lauve is the innovator and leading light to move Industrial Hemp into Colorado and the United States of America.

Years of work have come together in these two legislative creations.

Colorado House Bill 12-1099 Title 25 Article 18.7 Phytoremediation Hemp Remediation Pilot Program


Author of the bill: Concerning the establishment of industrial hemp remediation pilot program to study phytoremediation through the growth of hemp on contaminated, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

Signed by Governor Hickenlooper on June 4th, 2012

Hemp Cleans Founder and Executive Director of a grassroots non-profit striving for regulation and cultivation of industrial hemp. 2012-Present

American Hemp Association 2013 “A Quiet Bunch of Hard Workers”

Colorado Hemp Association 2013

Colorado Hemp Association supports agricultural products of the highest quality. We have a range of experts in place to make sure the products and services of the hemp industry are fairly represented in the political landscape and product market. If you are in the market for some new equipment or services, let us know and we will help point you in the direction of one of our trusted industry partners.

iCannabisRadio 2012

Station Director, technology, software and hardware implementation, logo design, and website construction. In the first 5 weeks I was able to turn the network into a recognized Cannabis resource, and we won a Denver Westword Award for ‘Best Place to Tune In, While Tuned Out’ in 2012.

Faculty Professor, RMCAD 2003-2009

Maya animation professor for Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. Jason wrote the class structure and syllabus for, and taught 3D modeling, 3-D Hi-End Computer Animation Lighting & Materials, Dynamics & Special Effects and 3-D Computer Animation Concepts and Techniques, as well as Character Rigging and Media Delivery and Techniques. Many of my students are now working for companies like, Disney, Pixar, Lockheed Martin, Tundra Media, Lola Special Effects, and many others. Two of my students have received an Oscar for their Special Effects work in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

www.RMCAD.edu Lakewood, Colorado.

3D Animation Instructor 1996-2009

Maya animation instructor for clients such as Ball Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, 42 Productions and G.W. Hannaway & Associates. www.gwha.com, www.42productions.com Boulder, Colorado

3D Embodiment 2006-2010

Game designer and animation for education www.3DEMB.com

9/11 WORLD TRADE CENTER COLLAPSE INSURANCE LITIGATION: ANIMATOR 2002-2003 Silverstein Group Insurance litigation, architect/animator www.zaxis.com Denver, Colorado



JASON LAUVE The renegade with an outlaw mentality

(720) 840-8627, JasonLauve@gmail.com

Multi-media production and development designer and technical illustrator for projects ranging in scale from a logo to designing over a dozen buildings and private residences as well as developing custom needs for companies including NovaZen, Solant, Zapotec, and Rustics Bread.

www.TopazStudios.com Boulder, Colorado


Multiple animations including a reconstruction of the flight TWA 800 crash over Long Island, spontaneous combustible humans, and the opening of King Tutankhamun's Tomb for a total of 6 shows. Boulder, Colorado


Cellulase Enzyme Animation - We won 1st place in the National Association of Government Communicator's Gold Screen awards. Boulder, Colorado


ANIMATION and INTERACTIVE INFORMATION CD Interactive fly-through of closure project. www.pkinc.com Boulder, Colorado


Developed comprehensive design guidelines for a development of 3 towns in an area outside the main city of Prague Praha 13, Czech Republic.


Design and coding of a topographical map of Patagonia. Boulder, Colorado

LOS ANGELES RENAISSANCE FAIRE-RENAISSANCE ENTERTAINMENT 1997 Design, layout, mass models, and construction document drawings of the faire.


Assistant Art Director

Developed a commercial set in the old children's hospital. Built and designed many of the set props. Denver, Colorado


Assistant Art Director

Set production for 2 different internal ad campaigns. One was for an Intranet product; the other was for a line of high-end copiers. Denver, Colorado


Kelly Rippel

Jesse Dowling

Jesse Dowling

Kelly Rippel

Kelly Rippel has been deeply interested in cannabis and hemp since around the age of 13 when his father told him about hemp research be participated in during the 1970s. As a result, Kelly's passion for evidence-based policy, public health and environmentalism has driven him to seek out a better understanding about the truth and history of humanity's relationship with cannabis. Kelly received a degree in public relations and sociology from Emporia State University, attended the National Cannabis Summit in 2015, CannaGrow Expo in 2016 and after its founding represented Kansans for Hemp at the Northern Colorado Hemp Expo during 2017. Working closely with Kansas lobbyists and lawmakers in the enactment of hemp legislation Senate Bill 263, Kelly now serves as an appointed adviser to the Kansas Department of Agriculture in creating rules and regulations for the state's industrial hemp research program. Most recently he spoke at the World Hemp Congress in Ljubljana, Slovenia along with representatives from numerous countries. Together they shared best practices, lessons learned and challenges towards establishing consistent hemp legislation across the EU, Canada, US and other nations.

Link to Cannabis in Kansas:

- Kelly Rippel
Planted Association of Kansas
Vice President & Co-founder,
Kansans for Hemp

Jesse Dowling

Jesse Dowling

Jesse Dowling

Jesse dowling

Jesse Dowling 
48 years old, Born and raised in Jerome, AZ. 
Married to amazing Wife Kami since 1990, with 2 great kids and now 2 great grandkids. 

I honestly never had an interest in cannabis- I grew up with it and never gave it a second thought. I was the 5 year old that would 'pass the dutchie' for the adults and our hippy potlucks. I experimented with it 3-4 times in high school but then really lost track of it until... I ran for our City Council. Once that happened I was introduced to the belly of the prohibition beast... County Attorney Polk. 

Around that same time my wife Kami had been beating MS (Multiple Sclerosis) for about 20 years, And we discovered Medical cannabis, FECO/Hash Oil/RSO etc. It made a huge improvement in quality of life and earned our support. 

I would spend my time on council battling Polk's anti-cannabis resolutions, learning more about prohibition than anyone should have to, working with local cannabis cultivators to revise zoning codes to allow unlimited grow caps, as well as the normal parts of being an elected official. It really helped me see the guts of it all from both sides, the good, the bad and the ugly.

At the same time I was (and still am) working a regular full time job in civil engineering, volunteering with the local high school football team and learning more about cannabis every day. One thing I learned led to our business, Dowling Designs. That thing was that cannabis oil can be very hard to dose/dispense. So the Dowling Doser was created and manufactured via 3d-printing. Now we do custom printing of all types and varieties with a very eager eye towards the day we can print with actual hemp bioplastics. 

It looks like 2020 may be the year I run for council again and see if I can't disrupt the system some more while keeping an eye on our County Attorney. 

Always willing to admit what I don't know and eager to learn more. 

Haters Club

Richard Rose

Richard Rose

Richard Rose

Richard Rose


rr@richardrose.com • YouTube: The Hemp Nut • @TheHempNut

Food Professional History

For decades Richard has been a leading innovator in the natural food industry. Starting with soyfoods such as TofuRella, Cottage Tofu Salad, and LeTofu sold around the world, in 1994 he turned from soya to hempseed, an older and far more nutritious protein source. 

Since 1980 Richard invented, produced, and marketed dozens of products based on tofu, and was the only small or natural food company to be named the "Top Ten Innovators of 1985" by Food and Beverage Marketing magazine. In 1986 TofuRella, was introduced, sales of which landed the firm on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in the U.S. in 1993, done with no debt.

Once known as a “Tofu Mogul,” he is also called "The Hemp Nut" as HempNut Inc. was the first Best Practices hempseed foods company in North America, 1994 – 2002. It was the first by years to introduce shelled hempseed to North America, and provided the inspiration for today’s hempseed companies. Richard designed a new company around the vision of branded shelled hempseed as a replacement for soy in the food industry. That company became the proof-of-concept business model for the hempseed industry to this day, and the segment is now 90% of Canadian hemp. The first significant change from millennia of fiber hemp, it is considered “Hemp 2.0” in the evolution of hemp. At the time no one had imported non-sterilized shelled hempseed food. The risk was possible that if the U.S. wanted to stop this emerging industry, he could have been sentenced to multiple life terms based on the volume imported.

“Hemp is high in Omega-3, not THC”

* Spoke to millions about hemp foods for 7 minutes on CBS-TV’s afternoon "The Roseanne Show" 

* Directly responsible for the use of hempseed in over 35 hemp industry meals, including Cannabis Cups in Amsterdam, NAIHC dinners, and HIA Cons 

* Spoke on hempseed foods many times at industry conferences

* Mentored dozens of companies

* Funded a large-hempseed breeding project 

* Introduced hemp foods to actor Woody Harrelson, The Body Shop founder Anita Roddick, activist Ralph Nader, CIA Director/Hemp Lobbyist James Woolsey, and millions more

* Co-sponsor of the 1995 Navajo Nation Hemp Project

* Had the first and largest online store for hemp foods

* Opened one of the first vegan restaurants

* Organized a 27-member global supply chain for hempseed foods

* Sold soy and hemp foods in Europe, Canada, Japan, China, and Australia

* Worked on the first campaign to legalize in California, Prop 19 in 1972

Richard earned a BA in Marketing from Sonoma State University and graduated with an MBA, concentration in Marketing and International Business. Both were 4 night classes per week for years, all while running an Inc 500 fast-growing business and the latter while also pioneering a new hemp industry segment with HempNut. He was named one of the Distinguished Alumni in 2000 at Sonoma State U. 

By 2002 when the US market for hempseed foods collapsed for years due to an ill-advised suit against DEA by a fiber group for legalizing hemp foods, Richard had invested $2.5 million to make hempseed foods a new industry. So he sold his Rella Good Cheese Co. for millions and moved to Amsterdam, walking away from the whole fiasco. 

Richard’s interest in hemp continues for food and medicine, especially CBD (Cannabidiol). Recently he created the first “open-source” brands Nobacco (artisanal CBD hemp buds for smoking), Not-Pot (ditto), created CannaSearch (opening consumer access to research of Cannabis for 64 medical conditions), the Medicinal Hemp Association, the Hemp Flower Products Association, and resurrected the Hemp Food Association.

Since 2014 he has created and curated thousands of original hemp content and context posts on social media, with over 32,000 followers. His Klout Rank in Cannabis is 99.9% (top 0.1%). Facebook Pages include RR.TheHempNut, Medicinal Hemp Association, Cannaceuticals, Hempreneurs, CannaSearch Breaking News, Hemp Flower Products Association, Hemp Food Association, CannaCoach, The Heretical Hempster, CBD Trade Marketplace, The HempNut Cookbook, The Hemp Nut, Nobacco.cool, Cannabology, CannaSnopes, CBD Today, Cannaville, Chemurgy, Not–Pot, Fretboard Revealed and More, among others. His YouTube channel is The Hemp Nut, Twitter is @TheHempNut, Instagram is The_Hemp_Nut. LinkedIn profile is https://www.linkedin.com/in/thehempnut/


2018 – present

CannHarvest Ltd – Consultant

Hemp food company – Consultant

Thai Cannabis company – Consultant

Jamaican Cannabis project – Consultant

2016 – present

CannaCoach – Founder and Principal


CBD issue, Hemp Business Journal – Managing Editor

2014 – 2017

MediQi Energetics – Chief Cannabinoid Officer

2014 – 2016

Canna-ceuticals LLC – Hempreneur

2008 – 2010

Boulder Chamber of Commerce Small Business Development Center – SBA Business Counselor

2001 – 2014

Omega Nova – Founder and Principal

1994 – 2002

HempNut, Inc – Founder and President

1986 – 2001

Rella Good Cheese Company – Founder and President

1980 – 1986

Brightsong Tofu – Founder


2000 Distinguished Alumni Award of 2000, Sonoma State University

1998 Hemp World “Hempy Award” for Product Innovation 

1997 Citizen Citation from Mayor of Baltimore 

1997 Hemp Times “Bioneer Award” for Outstanding Achievement in Food

1997 Hemp World “Hempy Award” for Food

1993 Inc. 500 List of Fastest-Growing Companies; #287

1992 “Small Business of the Year” by the Sonoma County Chamber of Commerce

1986 Food and Beverage Marketing magazine “Top Ten Innovators of 1985,” for tofu products

Pro Bono 


Panelist at Société Civile Politiques Cannabis, Geneva

Panelist at 4/20 Roma

CannaSearch Breaking News – Founder

2017 – present

Hemp Flower Products Association – Founder


Speaker at Cannafest on The Business of Cannabis 

Speaker at EuroAm CBC on Europe: Hemp Supplier to the World


Speaker at Cannafest on The Business of Cannabis and demonstrated hemp foods

Speaker at Hemp2020, Poland

Speaker at NoCo Hemp Expo on The Future of Hemp, at the Hemp Investment Summit, and the history of US hemp

2015 – present

Hawaii hemp project – Principal Consultant; explained Hemp 2.0 to the Secretary of Agriculture, obtained commitment to support the program, assisted first breeders in seed development


Speaker at World Hemp Congress on The Future of Hemp

Speaker at Hemp-X on Hemp 2.0 and hemp farming issues in North Carolina

Speaker at Indo Expo on hemp

Speaker at NoCo Hemp Expo on The Emerging CBD market

North Carolina Hemp – Consultant; assisted in getting the Secretary of Agriculture’s commitment to start the NC hemp program 

2014 – present

Medicinal Hemp Association – Founder

American Hemp Association – Director

Mentor to many small businesses and start–ups

Thought leader on Cannabis policy and product development/branding


Speaker at The State of Hemp by Congressman Polis 

Speaker at NoCo Hemp Expo on The Emerging CBD Market

1998 – present

Hemp Food Association – Founder


Hemp Industries Association – Fiber Certification Manager

1996 – 2002

Hemp Industries Association – Food and Oil Committee Founder and Chair

1995 – 1998

Hemp Industries Association – Director and Treasurer, Sponsor


Navajo Nation – Consultant; advised Elders of the Navajo Nation on implementing an industrial hemp program on its land, and helped fund the research

Publications (plus over 100 more articles published on LinkedIn)


Submission of Richard Rose to FDA’s Request for Comments on the Development of a List of pre–DSHEA Ingredients

It’s Nigh Time to Grandfather Hemp

Evolution of Hemp - 12,000 BC to 2017


CBD Contraindications

CBD Koan: Legality of Hemp and Cannabinoids


OECD Certified Cultivars

Farm Freedom Act 

Review of the FDA Letters to CBD Companies 

Food Development with Hemp

Europe – Hemp Supplier to the World


Let’s Regulate Alcohol like Marijuana


Secrets of Chord Substitutions Revealed eBook

Secrets of Jazz Arranging Revealed eBook

Secrets of Scales and Chords Revealed eBook


Secrets of the Guitar Fretboard Revealed eBook

Circle of Thirds chart

Education (250 total units including 28 graduate, 3.22 GPA, mostly night classes 4/week)

1992 – 1995, Sonoma State University of Business and Economics

Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A abd, Concentration in Marketing and International Business) 

1988 – 1992, Sonoma State University of Business and Economics

Bachelor’s Degree (Marketing) 

Products Developed by Richard Rose




CannaSearch Breaking News




Nobacco (open-source brand of artisanal CBD hemp buds for smoking as a tobacco replacement)

Not-Pot (open-source brand of artisanal CBD hemp buds for smoking as a tobacco replacement)


“Secrets of Chord Substitutions Revealed” eBook

“Secrets of Jazz Arranging Revealed” eBook

“Secrets of Scales and Chords Revealed” eBook


“Secrets of the Guitar Fretboard Revealed" eBook

“Circle of Thirds” chart

“Bluestronica” a new genre combining EDM with live blues guitar and blues vocal samples


Recorded "Amstel River Sessions" with Matthue DeYarus, as Innerchange

Recorded “Sounds of Amsterdam” a field recording of Amsterdam sounds

The HempNut Cookbook (by The Book Publishing Co.)


The HempNut Health and Cookbook


HempNut HempScream


HempNut hempseed oil

HempNut cookies

Cannessence essential oil

HempNut organic blue corn chips

HempNut nut butter

HempNut flour 

HempNut chocolate (Bite Me Bar)

HempNut protein powder

HempNut lip balm

HempNut energy bar

HempNut toasted shelled hempseed


HempNut shelled hempseed

HempNut cheese alternative


Hemp Hummus

HempRella cheese alternative

Hempeh Burgers

VeganRella (100% dairy–free cheese alternative; Mexican, Italian)

VeganRella (100% dairy–free cream cheese alternative; Plain, Onion&Dill)


AlmondRella (almond–based cheese alternative; Cheddar, Mozzarella, Garlic–Herb)

Zero-FatRella (fat-free tofu-based cheese alternative; Cheddar, Mozzarella, Jalapeño Jack)

Better Than Meat (meat analog free of fat, soy and wheat; Burger, Taco, Pizza and Breakfast Sausage)


Heart’s D’Lite (fat-free tofu-based cheese alternative; Cheddar, Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, Jalapeño Jack, Garlic-Herb)


TofuRella Slices (Cheddar, Mozzarella)


Free (dairy-free cheese analog)

Meat analogs


Dry Mix Plus+ (powdered instant version of Mix Plus+)

Fruit D’Lite (fruit-sweetened sorbet)

Soy-O (cultured soymilk yogurt)

TofuRella (cheese alternative; Cheddar, Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, Jalapeño Jack, Garlic–Herb)

Le Yogurt (powdered instant frozen yogurt)

Powdered instant soymilk beverage (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry)

Dry Le Tofu (powdered instant non-dairy soft-serve mix)


Tofu Plus+ (powdered and liquid tofu for industrial use)

Concentrate Plus+ (powdered blend of tofu, solids and stabilizer for manufacture of frozen dessert)

Tofu Nog (imitation egg nog)

HempRella cheese alternative in the US and Canada

Hempeh Burgers


Lite Mousse (fresh tofu pudding; Chocolate)

Le Tofu (non-dairy frozen dessert in hard-pack and soft serve)

Mix Plus+ (liquid mix to make tofu frozen dessert in an ice cream shop)


Orange Sunshine (high protein soymilk beverage)


Cottage Tofu Salad

Missing-Egg Tofu Salad

Tofummus (middle eastern-style hummous with tofu)

Hummous (garbanzo spread)

Lite & Creamy (tofu–based, with liqueur; Amaretto-Almond, Grand Marnier Chocolate)

Cottage Salad (Diet Center formulation)

Missing-Egg Salad (Diet Center formulation)

Strawberry Diet DeLite (with saccharin sweetener)

Tofu Pumpkin Puddin’ (fresh pudding)

Cottage Salad (tofu salad)

Skinny Dip (high protein tofu dip, with Vitamin B–12)


Tofu Creamie (pudding; Strawberry, Almond, Carob)

Tofu Salad Dressing (fresh; Thousand Island, Green Goddess, Herb)

Tofunofish Salad (vegetarian tuna salad)

Tofu Mayo (fresh eggless mayonnaise)

Tofu Cream Pie (Strawberry, Carob)

Tofu Pudding (Olallieberry, Lemon)

Soysage (meat analog, okara–based)

Cal-gari Tofu (regular tofu made with a blend of cacium sulfate and nigari)

Cococarob Tofu Tart (baked tart with a crust)

Pumpkin Pie (tofu–based, baked with a crust)

Soy Nog (soymilk–based imitation egg nog)

Real Food Tofu Café (vegan restaurant)


Marinated Tofu (tofu in a marinade)

Vege-Herb Tofu (tofu with fresh vegetables and herbs pressed into the curd)

Soy Juice (soymilk; Maple, Honey-Vanilla, Carob, Plain 

Member or Sponsor (past)

International Hemp Association

Hemp Food Association 

Medicinal Hemp Association

American Hemp Association

Hemp Industries Association 

North American Industrial Hemp Council 


Social Venture Network 

Provender Alliance 


Rainforest Action Network

Institute of Food Technologists

– END –

Steve Sarich

Richard Rose

Richard Rose

President at Canna Biogen Research Steve Sarich

President of GHO, President of Cannabiogenresearch Activist, Lobbyist and Farmer 

Tray Goodman

Richard Rose

David Alvarado

Creative Director at GCM Media LLC and Agent for Chris Martin

Creative  Director at GCM Media Author of “We Crush The Box.”

Tray Goodman is a  producer-writer-director based in Arizona. 

Tray has worked on over 5000 tv-film-media projects..and has won numerous local and national awards in the business...including 3 Rocky Mountain Emmys.

Trays projects have taken him to almost every state in the union and 40 plus counties. He is also the author of the published work.."Crushing Your Box"...which contains his vision on how to find your creative positive energy source.

David Alvarado

David Alvarado

David Alvarado

Chris’ CASA worker who has since reunited with Chris 26 years later David Alvarado

CASA worker for Chris Martin. Life long resident of Kansas City.  Food and beverage background for over 40 years.  Became Chris’s CASA end of his sophomore year.  Met in person summer he began his year in Pittsburgh. My hobbies are working to stay out of debt and going to mom and pop restaurants.  Hempful Cafe has THE BEST BISCUITS AND GRAVY by far!

Bryan Croteau

David Alvarado

Surprise guest

Compliance director for Zonka Farms Bryan Croteau


Established 3rd Dispensary in the State of Arizona

Established one of the first State Licensed extraction facilities, first to market with many types of extracts (Live Resin, 1;1 CBD:THC concentrates, Full Extract Cannabis Oil)

First State Licensed Dispensary to compete & win 3rd place at “The Secret Cup 2014”

“The Secret Cup” 1st place win in the “Soil to Oil” competition Developed “Hashishan’s” brand of concentrates, focusing on high potency products:

1000mg THC Tincture

Hash Caps including potencies 5mg, 10mg, 25mg, 50mg, 100mg Assisted with “Midtown Root’s” opening a State Licensed Dispensary, brought in as the sole manager with Cannabis

Experience Moving forward Oversees operations of Organization

Continued brand development

Managing human resources of the organization

Public Relations for the organization

Oversee the design and implementation of Patient oriented programs, products, and services

Oversee and advise Marketing structure for organization

Bryan Croteau has been in the Arizona Cannabis Industry since the beginning in 2009. Responsible for creating the Business Plan, and all supporting documentation needed to procure a license for the 3rd operating dispensary in the state in 2012. Building Revenue from $450,000 the first year, to over $5.4m in 2016.


Surprise guest

David Alvarado

Surprise guest

Jamie Pearson COO of Bhang

Bio for Jamie:

Jamie L. Pearson – Chief Operating Officer of Bhang Corporation is responsible for the overall vision and direction of the company on a global scale and its entrée into international distribution and capital markets. The daughter of a cannabis cultivator, she literally grew up in the industry and has watched it evolve from Reagan’s war on drugs to where it is now. Professionally before Bhang, Jamie founded and oversaw the day-to-day leadership, management and operations of a successful real estateinvestment, finance, and management firm. She currently owns a real estate portfolio that spans three countries. In 2015, she co-founded a celebrity cannabis agency, working with iconic artists such as Cypress Hill and Die Antwoord. She has personally owned cultivation operations in Northern California and Montana and has been a cannabis-friendly landlord for over 15 years. At Bhang, she is in charge of all areas of operations including corporate management, strategic planning, banking and finance, global licensee & vendor relationships, supply chain, customer service, hiring and personnel oversight. A certified team builder, published author and popular speaker in both the cannabis and real estate industries, Jamie's “best-of-both-worlds" experience is not only unique and unmatched, it provides a breadth of knowledge that appeals to newcomers and veterans alike. Selected as one of High Times Most Influential Women of Weed 2019, she is described as “… a widely recognized win/win deal-making ninja, … for Bhang—the world’s most-awarded and distributed cannabis house of brands featuring the eight-time Cannabis Cup winning line of gourmet chocolate bars and an award-winning line of CBD products." Jamie studied German at the University of Wuppertal (Wuppertal, Germany). She reads, write, and speaks fluent German. She has a B.A. from Vassar College and a Masters in Leadership from the University of Oregon. She serves on the advisory board of Liberty Leaf Holdings (CSE:LIB) and The Original Jack Herer Group.

Travis Fox

Justin Kitts (Harvey Bloodstone)

Justin Kitts (Harvey Bloodstone)

Architect of Being TravisFox.net



To helping people escape the imaginary walls they’ve placed before themselves by channeling my own past experience and providing a loose format for pressing the pause button and re-organizing their lives around what really motivates them and in the end, makes it all worth it!

But before, where I was limited by inability to speak to more than one person at a time, now I’ve been able to reach thousands of people at any given time thanks to the technological advances our society has made.

Justin Kitts (Harvey Bloodstone)

Justin Kitts (Harvey Bloodstone)

Justin Kitts (Harvey Bloodstone)


Cardiac Leather Works Welcomes You

We want to emphasize that art is an inescapable aspect of humanity and isn't limited by a set of rules. This means everyone of us is an artist and when we make something speak, it's art. Whether it's a pancake with a chocolate chip smiley face or a marble sculpture of a woman cooking one. Also, be aware that we incorporate our audience into art. We encourage you to send photos, video, audio, comments, etc. that capture what you think about us... Love us, hate us, or just make fun of us, but remember, don't share anything that you wouldn't want immortalized in our work

Follow us at www.cardiacleatherworks.com

Jim Perry The Cop Comic

Justin Kitts (Harvey Bloodstone)

Jim Perry The Cop Comic

The Cop Comic

Jim Perry known as “The Cop Comic.” is a former Police Officer who has served as a Law Enforcement Trainer, DARE Officer, Media Relations Officer, Crime Prevention Officer, Regional President of the Crime Prevention Association and was awarded “Officer of the Year” in 2004.

He was also an Adult Safety Facilitator in the corporate environment and the private security industry.

Jim is a Military Veteran and served in the Persian Gulf. He has a Masters Degree in Adult Education, which helps him easily translate his humor and funny police/military stories to the public.

Jim admittedly has said he has seen a lot of tragedy within his 20+ career in the Law Enforcement, Military and Security industries. Jim believes he can make a difference by making people laugh and helping the public understand that law enforcement and military men/women are just regular people too.

Jim has been featured on local television and radio broadcasts throughout his career. Jim has additionally given back to his community by volunteering, teaching and hosting at various adult and children’s programs on a consistent basis.

Jim Perry “The Cop Comic” continually supports disabled veterans, fallen police officers’ families and various local not-for-profit organizations every time he does a public or private performance.

Note: Jim can perform dirty OR clean comedy based on audience and request.

Jim’s motto- “Laugh! Life is Short!”

Teddy Beard

Edward Forchion

Jim Perry The Cop Comic

Teddy Beard

Comic, massage therapist, father, brother and my friend coming to discuss the affect cannabis prohibition and prison has had in his family 

Alex Gentry

Edward Forchion

Edward Forchion

Alex gentry

I got started in legalization in 2015 and collected signatures for a campaign being run at that time. Again in 2016 I led a group that began an initiative campaign that went through to completion and collected 75k signatures for full repeal of cannabis prohibition in Arizona. Even though we failed to get enough signatures on the ballot that campaign was the only grassroots campaign for cannabis decrim in AZ to go the distance that I am aware of. In 2018 I was asked to rewrite the initiative for another campaign for decrim being ran by the AZ Justice League Org. I advocate for a freed people, freed plants, and a freed market for cannabis in AZ and the rest of the nation and the world. 

Edward Forchion

Edward Forchion

Edward Forchion

NJ Weed Man

Robert Edward "Ed" Forchion Jr. (born July 23, 1964), also known as NJWeedman, is an American Rastafari cannabis rights and free speech activist, frequent candidate for public office, actor, writer, and restaurateur.[1] He is the founder of the Legalize Marijuana Party.

Ed ForchionBornRobert Edward Forchion Jr.
July 23, 1964 (age 55)
Camden, New Jersey, U.S.Other namesNJ WeedmanOccupationActivist, actor, writer, restaurateurKnown forCannabis rights activismPolitical partyLegalize Marijuana Party

A resident of New Jersey and California, he is a registered medical cannabis user. He has been arrested and convicted for some of his activities and has mounted various legal defenses and challenges to laws regarding cannabis.

After his last arrest the state of New Jersey filed a motion on March 7, 2017, for pretrial detention to incarcerate Forchion until trial. Forchion held a hunger strike for nearly two weeks while being held without bail, calling himself a political prisoner.[2][3][4] The trial began October 26, 2017.[5]On November 8, the jury found him not guilty of one charge of second-degree witness tampering, and was hung on another charge in the third degree.[6] In January 2018, he was again denied bail, pending a re-trial.[7] His appeal to being denied bail and being released was denied in February 2018.[8] In May 2018, in the second trial, he was acquitted by a jury on charges of witness tampering.[9] He had spent 447 days in jail.[10]

Sept-Oct ‘19 guests

Bryan Croteau

Stephanie Landa

Stephanie Landa

Bryan Croteau OG Zonka

Bryan Croteau has been in the Arizona Cannabis Industry since the beginning in 2009. Responsible for creating the business plan, and all supporting documentation required to procure the 3rd license to operate in the state of Arizona. Building Revenue from $450,000 its first year in 2012, to over $5.4m in 2016.

Currently the General Manager at OG Zonka Farms, a 12,000sq ft State Licensed cultivation facility located in Phoenix, AZ. Primary focuses are on administration and management of all operations, including but not limited too: Grow Division, Trim Division, Extract Division, Kitchen & Sales Division. Serving as a liaison to the wholesale network of AZ State Licensed Dispensaries,  Bryan has worked in all aspects of the Medical Marijuana industry. Experience ranging from establishing a Dispensary with a attached Cultivation facility, to opening up a modern and state-of-the-art Retail Brick and Mortar store.

Christopher Lengyl

Chef David Alvarado Returns for an update!

Chef David Alvarado Returns for an update!

Chris Lengyel

PTSD Coach and Founder of Help Me PTSD

Native to Arizona, Christopher Lengyel Is a R

Army veteran and founder of #HelpMePTSD

Chef David Alvarado Returns for an update!

Chef David Alvarado Returns for an update!

Chef David Alvarado Returns for an update!

Dave’s first tour of his new facility

David Alvarado has been hired as the Chef for OG Zonka Edibles. the day he lands in Arizona he will be in air to tell us all about what he brings to the table

More Show Guests

Oct 22nd Nandar Pictures and GCM Media in the house!

Oct 22nd Nandar Pictures and GCM Media in the house!

Oct 22nd Nandar Pictures and GCM Media in the house!

Nandar Pictures

we are excited to announce the launch of our new documentary on Oct 22nd! It launches on Walmart, Amazon, deep discount, and bull moose.com with more platforms to come! We want to say thank you to the team that made it all Haopen! 

Oct 22nd GCM Media LLC

Oct 22nd Nandar Pictures and GCM Media in the house!

Oct 22nd Nandar Pictures and GCM Media in the house!

Meet the production company that rocked all
Of our projects to date!

come meet my agent and his team that made all of our books and doco possible! 

Oct 29th John Fullen

Oct 22nd Nandar Pictures and GCM Media in the house!

Oct 29th John Fullen

American Veteran Movers LLC
Ph: 928-273-3962
Email: americanveteranmovers@gmail.com

come join us as we hear about John Fullen and his story of corruption yet again in Yavapai county AZ. 

Farmin with Dawni

Stacey Theis- Discussing Prohibition and Medical Kidnapping

Oct 29th John Fullen

Real Farmer Dawni coming to chat farming and hemp

Lets chat with one of the best female farmers in the hemp game

Stacey Theis- Discussing Prohibition and Medical Kidnapping

Stacey Theis- Discussing Prohibition and Medical Kidnapping

Stacey Theis- Discussing Prohibition and Medical Kidnapping

Stacey theiss with #cannabus and #cannasense

After the drug war in KY had devastated and complicated my life as a teen, I moved to Arizona to raise my daughter. I joined corporate America , became a home owner by 25 years old and was able to give my daughter a much better upbringing then what was afforded to me. 

In 2010 my daughter graduated HighSchool and Arizona also passed prop 203 for Medical Marijuana. I waited until my 1st granddaughter was born in January 2011 and then in May 2011 I went to Oaksterdam University, a cannabis college in Oakland California to learn how to grow and cook with cannabis! There I learned so much more than I bargained for regarding truths about cannabis, it’s prohibition, politics, science, etc, and wrapped my mind around the drug war! 

While at Oaksterdam I discovered a memorial to my Uncle Gary that I did not know existed. (Gary Shepherd, a Purple Heart Vietnam Veteran, shot down on our family farm by Kentucky State Police and National Drug Task force with his hands in the air, over a dozen cannabis plants in 1993. All happened just feet away from my 4 year old cousin)  I had no idea there were memorials , books, and advocates that were still sharing my uncle’s story in the fight to ending cannabis prohibition 18 years later. 

I left Oaksterdam University a changed women!! A women on a mission with determination in her heart to 1. Get my baby cousin to Oaksterdam so he could witness what his dad’s murder helped do! 2. Do everything I could do to help educate as many people as I could about the truths of what cannabis could do for the them, the truths about prohibition, the organizations they could be a part of , and ways to help change the laws. I ended up going back to Oaksterdam for more education and bringing others 4 more times that year and have been several times since! 

Myself, Cousin , and friends started the CannaSense Campaign! A group of dedicated citizens educating communities about the truths about Cannabis, Prohibition , and the need to change it! In 2012 we acquired our Cannabus that has toured in 36 states over the past 7 years, shown up for court supports, legislative hearings, Veterans events, etc. We have helped grow and unite people from all over the world in the name of of Cannabis Freedom while helping patients, cannabis organizations, efforts, and businesses grow!  

I love helping people and it always brings me joy and gratitude to help patients find relief and healing through cannabis!! However our prisoners and the children affected by the war on cannabis fuels the passion in my heart the most ! I have lived through and survived the destruction of Drug War as a child and personally know what it does to kids like me and my cousin! My advocacy has led me to meeting and getting to know other children with the same kinds of  broken hearts!  Even if I knew then what I know now, back in 1993, there was nothing I could have ever done to get my Uncle Gary back in our family the way he was. There has been nothing that can be done to get my mother back who died in 1999, or my dad that died of lung cancer in 2005!! However, there is hope for so many families out there , suffering in many of the same ways my family has suffered and struggle through. The difference is that their family members are in prison for pot!! A decision, and lock and key away from freedom and being reunited with their hurting , grieving families!! I dedicate a lot of my life in speaking our about our Pot Prisoners and their families !! I help organizations such as Freedom Grow, Can Do Clemency , Parent4Pot, Zonka Miles LLC, The Human Solution International, and others help grow their communities and efforts. There is no good reason people are still being robbed from their lives and families over pot! There is no good reason children are still taken from their families over pot, and it needs to stop! 

I have sacrificed a lot in the past 7 years since attending Oaksterdam, my house, career, friends, family, stability, and lived through many obstacles and challenges,  but I have witnessed the shockwaves that one committed person can achieve and I won’t give up until our plant and people are free !! I can’t give up, I’ve tried. God won’t let me! We The People deserve Truth and need to achieve freedom and justice!! Our Grandchildren need us to care and to never give up!! 

Our CannaSense Campaign and our Beautiful Cannabus will be touring and riding for Freedom once again in 2020! Stay Tuned!!

Guy Crawford and Hailstorm Films

Stacey Theis- Discussing Prohibition and Medical Kidnapping

Stacey Theis- Discussing Prohibition and Medical Kidnapping


come listen to Giy Crawford Director with Hailstorm Films Team and recently shot production, “Some Nudity Required” and some of the behind the scene “tails”

Archived Shows cont...

Kirk Nurmi Nov 26th

Kirk Nurmi 

Nov 26th


Kirk rose to international prominence as the lead counsel for the infamous Jodi Arias.  The stress of that case brought cancer into his life.  And with cancer came big changes – a whole new life.  A life wherein happiness is his beacon. 

With this beacon on view, Kirk has written for the New York Daily News, authored five books, spoken and/or performed his One Man Show “Infamy Cancer Life” all across the country.    

Kirk has also appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Dr. Oz and has been featured in documentaries on Discovery ID and the Oxygen Network.  

In the upcoming months Kirk intends to release his first work of legal fiction and debut his revised One-Man Show. 

Yet his most important work is a personal assistant to his wife of 26 years and his 4 pound Chihuahua      

Social Media 

Twitter   @nurmiunchained

IG nurmiunchained

FB Nurmi Unchained 


Season 2

Amanda Nash Jimenez and The Bud Card/The Bud show

Amanda Nash Jimenez and The Bud Card/The Bud show

Amanda Nash Jimenez and The Bud Card/The Bud show

Founder of the bud card and the bud show as well as aka Amanda Munchies

come join us as we talk to Amanda’s about her passion and dream in our industry and some of the daily frustrations she has trying to help


Ep 30 Michael Ochotorena “A Changed Man”

Amanda Nash Jimenez and The Bud Card/The Bud show

Amanda Nash Jimenez and The Bud Card/The Bud show


Michael Ochotorena better known as "Ocho". After facing many obstacles that lead to a life of Drugs, Gangs, and Prison. Tired of the destructive decisions all of this brought to his life, Ocho reached a life-changing breaking point accepting God into his heart.  

Ocho a now minister devoting his life into the ministry work of discipleship, prison ministry, a participant encouraging at-risk youth, and reaching out to the uttermost undesirable individuals.  

Ocho a known SAG-AFTRA Actor speaks about redemption and the love of Christ, using feature films such as "John Light" a film that promotes redemption and toured around many churches in this country.

Ocho has overcome the obstacles that once held him back, only to ignite the passion, he never knew he had for ministry and acting, allowing him to travel the world and take part in movie productions alongside actors like "Dean Cain" in the film "John Light", "Tom Sizemore" in the film "El Coyote" and "Eric Roberts" in the film Exposure. 

Ocho a walking, talking, breathing, living testimony that with God anyone can turn their life around for the good.


Alex Lane

Amanda Nash Jimenez and The Bud Card/The Bud show

Candice Rebecca - Foster 360

Alex Lane.

Lane's Law: Arizona Lawyer and Dispensary Owner Confesses to Dealin 'Narcotics'


 la phoenixnewtimes.com

NICK MEYERS I JANUARY 21, 2019 I 2:00PM Q1a1

After the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled this summer that cannabis resin extracts, or concentrates, were not covered by the state's medical-marijuana law, the industry rallied against the decision.

Several businesses, including Harvest of Arizona and K.I.N.D. Concentrates, released statements condemning the ruling and

proclaiming they'd continue to sell concentrates, which the court claimed - in a backward interpretation of state law - were illegal "narcotics" despite the 2010 law's protections.


• Arizonans Consumed 61 Tons of Medical-Marijuana Products in 2018 - a Record High

• Arizona Supreme Court Agrees to Review Legality of Medical-Marijuana Extracts

Dispensary owner and criminal justice attorney Alex Lane wanted to take it one step further.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures," he said.

Previously a prosecutor for Maricopa County, Lane has been a DUI and criminal defense lawyer since 2004. He joined the board of Cave Creek Cannabis Dispensary in 2015 and is currently its president.

Shortly after the appellate court's June decision, Lane filed an unusual motion to intervene, confessing that he himself was a

  FDA Officials Confiscated CBD Edibles, Yuma Shop Owner Says


"narcotics" dealer.

Iii phoenixnewtimes.com

  "I have personally handed them across the table and received money from Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA) patients, so if you're going to prosecute somebody, here I am," he said.

His confession was turned away at the courtroom door. Some industry insiders weren't sure it was such a good idea, but that wasn't the end of Lane's legal submissions.

Following the appeals court ruling, the Arizona Dispensaries Association - with Lane's help - began the process of filing an amicus brief, and also started a patient defense fund should similar cases anse.

Rodney Jones, the medical-marijuana patient at the center of the appeal, was convicted in 2016 of possession of a small amount of

Ii pnoenixnewumes.com

hashish and sentenced to two years in prison. If the state Supreme Court upholds the appellate ruling, some of the most popular products in Arizona dispensaries likely would be removed from the shelves, and patients possessing them could face felony prosecution.

Lane, who has no direct connection to the case, sent a letter to Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Arizona's 15 county attorneys detailing aspects of the 2010 Arizona Medical Marijuana Act that he claims should be mentioned to grand juries before bringing charges against patients in possession of concentrates.

It was another eyebrow-raising move for a lawyer who wasn't representing a client. As Lane explained, prosecutors hoping to convict marijuana offenders must disclose potentially exculpatory information to a grand jury.

He wanted his letter to cause problems for prosecutors with judges.

"It definitely grabbed attention," said Mike Colburn, founder of K.I.N.D. and Level Up Dispensaries.

The letter contained several points that diverge from the typical argument that marijuana and cannabis are synonymous.

"Everyone is focused on the definition of marijuana," Lane said. "But that's not where the answer is. The answer is in the word 'medical."'

Because Arizona legally considers cannabis medicine, he said, the statutes allow the industry to process the plant, including the extraction of its resin.


� phoenixnewtimes.com

From another angle, Lane noted that the Arizona Supreme Court interpreted the AMMA broadly in seven cases it had previously considered regarding the law.

The Jones ruling, he said, is a "narrow" ruling, focused more on literal definitions.

Additionally, he went on, when it comes to voter-approved law, judges and lawyers conventionally apply broad interpretations with the understanding that citizens may not be as concerned about the language of a law as about its content.



The letter ended with a request

for Brnovich to drop the case, which the AG eventually did, leaving Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk, who originally

prosecuted Rodney Jones, to push the opposing view on


Lane calls the Jones case a "hobby" of his. Though unorthodox, his efforts have earned him recognition from Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice, which cited Jones in awarding him its 2019 Presidential Accommodation.

AACJ President Craig Rosenstein commends Lane in his letter announcing the award for "the personal risks you took to protect the AMMA patients of Arizona as well as the outstanding legal arguments you offered."

The Arizona Supreme Court decided to hear the Jones case on January 8, scheduling a hearing for March 21 at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University.

Candice Rebecca - Foster 360

Candice Rebecca - Foster 360

Candice Rebecca - Foster 360

Foster 360 helps give resources to kids aging out of the juvenile system

Imagine being 17 and in a foster home or a group home and you’re about to turn 18. this time period is supposed to be exciting for so many getting ready to graduate and go to college.

Unless you’re in a foster home or group home with zero resources. I was one of those kids. There weren’t a lot of programs back then to help.

Candice Rebecca is trying to change that with Foster 360.  A program a lot like our very own ZonkaMiles.org A program set to help kids aging out of the juvenile system with no resources. 

Come join us as we listen to the passion that has caused this whole movement and how Zonka Miles can team up to help so many kids 

Aaron Sandusky

Candice Rebecca - Foster 360

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Aaron Sandusky

Aaron Sandusky

Aaron Sandusky was the president of a MMJ business based out of Upland, Ca known as G3 Holistic. G3 operated 3 retail locations in Upland, Colton and Moreno Valley. G3 also operated a 40k sq. ft. cultivation facility in Ontario, Ca.

G3 was raided by the feds on 11-1-11. This raid subsequently resulted in the arrest and trial of Aaron Sandusky and 5 employees in 2012. During this trial no evidence of state law was allowed .

Facing a mandatory minimum of 10 years and a maximum of life, Aaron refused to take a deal as it

involved him working for the Feds to take down growers whom G3 worked with. He was convicted at

trial and sentenced to 10yrs, the mandatory minimum for cultivation and distribution of marijuana.

Aaron was recently released from federal prison on November 13th and was placed on house arrest until


March 12 . He is now on supervised release for 5 years.

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Candice Rebecca - Foster 360

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